Our energy efficient winery is built partially underground, with our barrels storage caves completely underground, allowing us to cool our winery without air conditioners, and keep energy bills very low. Everything we do in the winery is designed to reflect the wonderful character of our unique vineyard. We make our wines ourselves, so the building and winemaking processes are scaled to be hands-on. All of our grapes are hand picked and delivered immediately to the winery, where we thoroughly sort the grapes before destemming and crushing. The grapes are crushed, leaving a high proportion of whole berries, directly into small lot fermenters. After pressing, the wines are transferred to small oak barrels where they mature in our underground caves.


Our caves are constructed of pre-cast concrete arches placed on concrete footings dug into the excavated hillside, and covered with six to eight feet of earth. We selected caves to store our barrels to maximize the key elements necessary for successful barrel aging: low temperature and high humidity.